We supply Water Tanks of various sizes that are similar to Eco, Jojo or Roto. We supply the following liter tanks: 2500L, 4500L, 5000L and 10000L

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Water Tanks

Our Water Tanks are “B” Grade, so there will be slight color variations.
They are 100% water tight and we sell them subject to availability.

They are similar to Eco, Jojo or Roto water tanks.

water tank 2500 litre

2 500 Litre

Height: 1800mm
Diameter: 1410mm
Lid Size: 450mm


4 500 Litre

Height: 1970mm
Diameter: 1800mm
Lid Size: 450mm


5 000 Litre

Height: 2140mm
Diameter: 1800mm
Lid Size: 450mm


10 000 Litre

Height: 3200mm
Diameter: 2100mm
Lid Size: 450mm