Manufacturers of steel palisade fencing, Vista-Mesh™ anti-climb fencing, electric fencing, fast fencing, pool fencing, razor spikes and carports.

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Our Products

vista mesh clear view fencing durban

Vista-Mesh™ is our signature product. It offers security without obstructing the view. Its elegant and affordable and available in various configurations and colours

palisade fencing durban

Steel Palisade fencing is cost effective and less likely to lean or fall over when the soil is soft and or compromised by water or wind.

carport manufacturers pietermaritzburg

We manufacture Cantilever Shadecloth carports and 4-Post Shadecloth car ports.

fence spike pmb

Fencing Spikes are rated as the most effective anti-climb wall solution available on the market. Ours are manufactured from top quality hard steel.

Sharp Metal Pressings manufactures fittings and hardware for palisade fencing and security fencing.

temporary fencing durban manufacturers

Fast Fencing, Speed Fencing, Temporary Fencing or Crowd Control Fencing is used to quickly and efficiently fence off or control crowds on a temporary basis.

electric fencing durban

Still the cheapest way to fence your property for security purposes. Low cost, fast to erect and durable.

pool fencing suppliers durban

Our manufactured pool fencing is simple, stylish and easy to install. It complies with SABS regulations. It is built from welded steel sections and is hot dip galvanized.

We Offer A Range Of Gate Options To Suit The Needs Of Your Installation

geodesic dome durban

The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the structure, making it able to withstand heavy loads.

Vista Mesh - 'invisible' fencing

We produce our own clear view security fencing that is very aesthetically pleasing, allows unobstructed views and is extremely difficult to cut or climb.