We manufacture electric fencing that is cost effective, deters animals and intruders with an electric shock and can be added to almost any existing barrier for an extra security layer.

barrier uses electric shocks to deter animals and people from crossing the boundary. voltage, agriculture, military installations and prisons.

Fence energizers, transformer, switch electrical pulses. solid state circuit.

smooth steel wires, insulated from earth, conducting material is attached to posts

Electric Fencing

Still the most economical way to fence your property for security purposes. It keeps intruders out, deters animals and isĀ  easy to erect, even in difficult terrains.

We manufacture electric fencing:

  • Corner, Strain and Intermediate electric fence posts.
  • Stays for the fence posts.
  • Electric fence gates.
  • Earth spikes for electric fencing.
  • Anti burrow stays.
  • Wall top electric fencing components.

We source and supply electric fencing:

  • Hi Strain Wire.
  • Insulators
  • Standards
cost effective electric fencing pmb
Low cost

Is lightweight and uses minimal materials

electric fencing contains animals
Animal containment

Will contain all types of animals, domestic and wild

Fast to erect

Light and easy construction especially in difficult terrains

durable fencing

Animals and people stay away from the fence