Super Econo and Econo Steel Palisade

Sharp Metal’s Econo palisade fencing is suitable for domestic security requirements.
Econo Palisade Fence Specifications:


17 Pales per palisade panel
42×2.0mm Cold Formed Pales
Twice holed for M6 round headed bolt

Nuts & Bolts

38 per palisade panel
34 x M6 round headed bolt and anti-vandal nut
4 x M8 round headed bolt and anti-vandal nut


2 Crossbars per palisade panel
40x40x2.5mm Angle Iron
17 9mm holes to receive pale bolts


Flatbar brackets to attach crossbars to posts
29×3.0mm Flatbar


1 Post per palisade panel
76x76x1.6mm Square Tubing
Fibre Glass post cap