Palisade Fencing

Looking Good, Feeling Secure

Steel Palisade fencing is more cost effective compared to concrete walls, pre-cast walls, concrete palisade etc. it is also light in weight and less likely to lean or fall over when the soil is soft and or compromised by water or wind.

Palisade fencing can be a formidable barrier yet attractive if painted/coated to fit with existing colour schemes. Palisade fencing offers an unobstructed view from the inside and outside of the property.

Ideal fencing for commercial properties, sports stadiums, factories, schools, swimming pools, hospitals, sub-stations, towers, residential properties etc and can be installed in conjunction with electric fencing for ultimate security.

Bolt-on Palisade fencing follows the terrain so the fence is always close to ground level. Bolt-on Palisade fencing is installed using nuts and bolts and brackets for fixings, by semi-skilled staff as there is no welding on site and is easily transported.  The components are packed in bundles.



Our Steel Palisade fencing is modular. Sections can be replaced easily if damaged by vehicles, falling trees, etc.

KIT Form

We manufacture bolt together(kit form) and welded panels to suit your needs.


We can also custom make different height and width panels to suit your needs.

Turnaround TIME

We have a large manufacturing plant, with great capacity for quick turnaround times.


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