Razor Spikes

Razor Spikes, Rail Spikes, or Wall Spikes are an attractive alternative to razor wire. Sharp Metal makes five types of razor spike out of 2mm hot rolled steel.The razor spikes are supplied in raw steel, electro plated or hot dip galvanized finish.

Wall spikes can be fitted to the tops of walls, gates and palisade fence top rails. Our wall spikes come with prepunched holes for easy installation. All our razor spikes are supplied in 1,5m lengths, but can be made to any length required. We deliver razor spikes anywhere in South Africa.

razor spike on top of wall durban


  • Razor spikes on top of walls secure your property
  • Gates with razor spikes welded to the top are more difficult to climb
  • Razor spikes attached to the top rail of Palisade Fences increase effectiveness     Razor - RS 005 (WinCE)

Advantages of Razor Spikes

  • Razor spikes are more attractive than razor wire.
  • Razor spikes are unobtrusive
  • Razor spikes are easy to install
  • Razor spikes are easy to retrofit to existing structures
  • SMP Razor Spikes are consistent in material use and quality

Tiger Spike

razor tiger spike durban35×2.0mm x 1.5m
60mm High



Sabre Spike

razor sabre spike durban

45×2.0mm x 1.5m
80mm High

Spear Spike

Razor spear spike durban

Precast Wall Spike

precast wall spike

Imperial Spike

imperial spike durban