Pool Fencing

Sharp metal makes a range of pool fencing which is simple, stylish and easy to install. Our pool fencing complies with SABS regulations, is made from welded steel sections and is hot dip galvanized.

For the protection of children and animals, many municipalities have passed bylaws which have it compulsory to fence pools. Our pool fencing provides a physical barrier between your child and the water, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.


  • Pool fences are easy to erect.
  • Pool fences are difficult for children to climb.
  • Many municipality by-laws insist on pool fencing.
  • Nets are often not replaced after swimming resulting in tragic drownings.
  • SMP pool fencing complies with SABS standards.

Types of Pool Fencing

  • Round bar Bow Fencing.
  • Rolled Pale Bolt-on Pool Fencing
  • Both types of pool fencing have self closing double locking gates.


  • To fence in swimming pools
  • To contain play groundsĀ 
  • Non security garden fencing

Pool Fence Specifications

  • Crossbars: 30x30x2.0mm Angle Iron
  • Bars: 8mm round bar hoops welded
  • Post:: 50x50x1.6mm Square Tube
  • Bolts: 8mm Cup Square
  • Cap: Moulded Plastic cap
  • Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Optional Coating: Powder Coated
  • Construction: Welded Panels fixed to Square tubing Posts with flatbar brackets.
  • Height: 1.2m
  • Spacing: Hoops are at 100mm centres
  • Gate: Double Self Locking mechanism

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