Protect  your vehicles from the elements with the Sharp Metal range of carports or shadeports, as they are sometimes known. Our carports come with either 90% or 100% shade cloth for protection from the sun. The shadeport will save parked vehicles from hail damage.
Our range of carports or shadeports will enhance your parking, whether it is private, commecial or retail space.  Our carports are available in a cantilever design which allows free access for parking. For the budget conscious we make a shadeport which is supported by a post at each corner. Care must be take when exiting the carport so as to not hit the post. Sharp Metal shadeports can be used for cover at schools in the playground or over spectator stands.

Types of Carports

We manufacture the following:

  • Cantilever shade cloth carports
  • 4 post shade cloth car ports


  • Office block carports.
  • Shopping centre shadeports
  • Used car lot carports
  • Domestic shadeports
  • Playground shadeports
  • Spectator Stand shadeports


  • Generally no plans are required for Shade Ports.
  • Shade Cloth Car Ports are cheaper than garages.
  • Shade Cloth Car Ports can be erected in a short time.
  • Cantilever Car Ports are easy to access, meaning less damage to cars.
  • Car Ports protect vehicles from hail damage.
  • Sharp Metal does not use pre-galvanized material, nor is any welding done after Hot Dip Galvanizing. This means no rust.
  • Sharp Metal uses specially designed brackets to connect the various components on the Car Port.


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